“An expert on change who is a great speaker and trainer.” – Suyin Choa.

“I am honored to have been a colleague and friend of Dr Michael Loh for many years. He has been a source of advice and knowledge; an expert I tap on for ideas and inspiration. Recently, I engaged him to run a team building session for my teammates and me from Marina Bay Sands, and it was received very positively despite the short time he spent with us.

“Mike is a true professional in the areas of change, team leadership and organizational development. I regard him as one of the authoritative figures in these areas of expertise. He uses simple yet profound methods and tools to drive his messages. He is a master of humor; people warm up to him naturally and quickly.

“If you have a problem – any organizational problem – that you don’t even know where to start to solution, Dr Michael Loh is the man you should first consult.” – Roy Chan

“If you are looking for a humorous, energizing, thought-provoking and skill-building Keynote Address, Conference Workshop, or Full-Day Training, please contact Dr Michael Loh.” – Phang Nyit Sheng

“Dr Michael Loh taught me how to speak in public. He was very innovative in his approach.” – Rudy Karyadi

“Enriching yet entertaining.” – Tang Tong Leng

“It has been a privilege for me to have known and worked with Dr Michael Loh. Mike is a rare strategic thinker who takes such a global perspective that it is breathtaking. I distinctly recall his thought leadership in the aftermath of the dot com bubble and his solid strategy recommendations to our clients at that time. Much of it remains valid today as it was 10 years ago. An asset to have on your side in the most challenging times.” – Prof Ravi Sharma

“Dr Michael Loh’s training on public speaking is one of the best training workshops I have ever attended. It was fun and entertaining but most important of all, I acquired real skills that now enable me to speak in public and to make powerful presentations.” – Tham Weng Kiat

“Dr Loh is very likeable! Had a good time!” – Martin Johnson

“Dr Michael Loh has over three decades of consulting experience helping some of the most prominent organizations in the world lead and manage change. He is a practitioner with real track records, not an academic with only book knowledge.” – Heinz Schwarzkopf

“Good energy and a very nice and positive teacher!”– Johan Kvist

“Both the Asian and European contingents at our leadership summit enjoyed your keynote address. Our CIO is also very pleased. Our IT director also felt you did extremely well.” – Marcel den Herder

“Any fresh MBA grad can label himself a consultant and then markets his services. Dr Michael Loh however has over three decades of hands-on, actual experience in the consulting world, with many world-renowned clients benefitting from his wise counsel. Nothing can replace wisdom and experience. Dr Loh has been helping my organization take big strides in human and organizational development and I strongly recommend him. It makes sense never to compromise when looking for expertise to help your people and your company. Dr Loh’s fees are not cheap, but don’t settle for second best if you are serious about getting real help and seeing real results.” – Chan Phak Sung.

“I had a great time! The training was really useful.” – Pitchayatida Luepuech

“Dr Loh’s workshop exceeded our expectations. He has full knowledge of the subject.” – Eduardo Esposo

You are an inspiring and engaging speaker…a live wire! – Daniel Tan Gark Bin

“Thank you very much. I appreciate the learning from this seminar and I value knowing what my personality type is.” – Peter Gonzales.

“Very practical training, never thought so many techniques can be used for negotiating with clients.” – Peter Geronimo.

“Dr Loh is a most impressive trainer. I will tell the world about him!” – Isamaeane Mohara

“I enjoyed your training and believe I have benefited. I believe my colleagues share the same too. Thanks for sharing your experience, knowledge and humor.” – Geoffrey Ho

“I have known Dr Michael Loh for several years now and can attest to his integrity and his credibility as a well-respected authority on change whose expertise has helped many international organizations lead, manage and cope with monumental change.” – Mauro Cattana

“Well done, Mike!” – Mirza Asif Haider

“Thanks for being with us. Your speech on change management with the ice breaker was very well received by all of us.” – Rene Gravemade

“Dr Loh is extremely knowledgeable of what he is teaching and has a great sense of humor.” – Ike Madanguit

“Excellent trainer! Definitely looking forward to attending another of your workshops!” – Judson Yutuc

“Thank you for taking your time off your busy schedule to conduct the workshop on innovation for us.  It has been very enlightening, entertaining and interactive.  This is not only my personal views, but also the views from the group who attended the workshop.  They enjoyed the workshop very much.  The feedback that you have gathered have been very helpful and moving forward, we hope to be able to bring our company to a higher level from its current position in terms of innovation and creative thinking.” – Faridah Mohd Noor

“Michael makes learning fun and interactive. Great job!” – Raymond Soh

“Fantastic tips and tricks from Dr Loh’s personal experience.” – Piyapun Kaokitvirach

“Now I know the psychology behind people’s thinking.” – Win Luanchaison

“I really enjoyed every aspect of Dr Loh’s training on negotiation techniques. I find the training not only useful for my work but also for my daily life.” – Warot Ratprasert

“I have gained much and acquired lots of tools, strategies and techniques that I have never heard of before.” – Jomjaturong Upawong

“Thank you for making our learning on leadership interesting and enjoyable.” – Bob Chia

“Very entertaining trainer with lots of real life experiences.” – Roger Wong

“Thank you, Dr Loh. We learn a lot from you especially on the effective ways of negotiating and how to handle customers and more.” – Marlene Duran

“Thank you very much for the two days of learning. Much of what was discussed were new to me but now I can use your techniques in my daily dealings whether at work or otherwise.” – Pacita Rubiales

“Michael is funny, energetic and knows what he is talking about. I learned lots from him.” – Alexis Mendoza.

“I really enjoyed Dr Loh’s training on how to negotiate. It not only enabled me to ramp up my negotiation skills but also helped me to know myself better. I am also able to understand the psychological makeup of my adversaries.” – Nicharee Vithayasinthana

“Exceeded my expectations.” – Janevit Juntrachort

“I am very glad to attend your course for the past three days. Not only did I learn about leadership skills, I learned about myself through those tests that you had given us. I hope that I would have another chance to attend your course in the near future. Thank you for your guidance and valuable advice.” – Jonson Ng

“Good morning Dr Loh! I know you were working in IBM…happy to make the connection with you as I am now leading Employee Learning globally and I am always interested to keep in touch with talents. I have heard great things about you! Congratulations. I hope we can stay in touch.” – Francesca Amisano

“Pretty original concepts, with lots of personal experiences to share.” – Tan Chiang Wee

“Very engaging workshop with a lot of tips and sharing of actual experiences of Dr Loh.” – Beng Lamorena

“A very energetic and full-of-learning workshop. Will surely help me a lot in my work and daily life.” – Ronela Bautista

“I appreciate the fact that we were not inundated with handouts – less trees to cut; I appreciate your relating the concepts to my company and to my country and I am thankful for your psychological insights.” – Maureen de Alday

“Very engaging! Great experience sharing.” – Edwin Ubalde

“This training refreshed my knowledge of negotiation skills and added several extra techniques that I’ve never thought of.”  – Ridwan Indrayasa

“Thank you, Mike, for the energetic and fun learning sessions.” – Richard Matias

“Very informative workshop and very good techniques that can be used in our everyday work. Great speaker and instructor. Thanks!” – J R Castillo

“A master of the art!” – Ericson Leonardo

“Very lively and entertaining and honest! I like that there wasn’t any mumbo jumbo or clichés.  Great that workshop was flexible and not hurried.” – Myrene Pascua

“The training helped me understand fully what negotiation is all about. Helped me to become aware of my surroundings and also of my client.” – Ralph Cabello.

“Great presentation with clear ideas, good case studies and role-play scenarios.  A lot of interaction rather than another trainer reading his slides. Good!” – Sharon Ting

“I hope to attend more of Dr Michael Loh’s training.” – Gary Low

“The thing I like best is the relaxed pace of the workshop. This gave us time to reflect and absorb the ideas and learning from the topics discussed.” – Jesper Raflores

“The training was very informative and fun at the same time. It enabled me to reflect on my current scenarios pertaining to customer negotiations and equipped me with the ability to determine which techniques to use for which situation. Dr Loh’s style was very interactive and kept me awake the whole time.” – Silverio Beltran

“Fun and interesting approach to corporate training.” – Mohamed Firdaus

“Dr Michael Loh’s workshop on negotiations has opened up my mind. It certainly not only helped me improve my negotiation skills but also in my daily life.” – Sam Sam Gan

“Mike is a very good presenter. Well done!” – Moiz Dahodwala

“Mike’s training on negotiations was so much fun!” – Cristina de Guzman

“Mike’s training was conducted in a ‘relaxed’ manner which facilitated learning.” – Desmond Tan

“Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with us, especially the psychological aspects. Now I can better relate with people I talk to and interact with.” – Lynn Marcelo

“Dr Loh knows his stuff and knows how to deliver it.” – Hudson George Dumadag

“The workshop was very informative and at the same time, entertaining. Kept me awake with his vast experience and knowledge.” – Joel Pena

“The two-day course on public speaking conducted by Dr Michael Loh covered more than just the basics. With his coaching and a few rounds of practice, I was able to overcome the biggest problem I had in facing live audiences.” – Qi Yun Xiang

“Very very good training. The trainer Dr Michael Loh made the sessions very enjoyable.” – Derek Wang

“Dr Loh’s training on public speaking was an eye-opener. Dr Loh is such a competent speaker and trainer. My requirements and expectations were well addressed. I am now able to deliver in a more confident manner comfortably. I learned to speak in a more professional way by attending Dr Loh’s training, which allowed me lots of opportunities to practice during the two days. Thanks Mike, you did a great job!” – Tan Yee Peng

“Dr Mike taught me new ways to communicate. I certainly hope our company will engage him again in future.” – Kenneth Wong

“Dr Loh’s training on public speaking was very lively with many tips on dealing with real-life situations of various public speaking scenarios. We also had the opportunities to practice what was taught. Dr Loh is a very experienced trainer on public speaking and presentations indeed.” – Rastam Mohd Ariffin

“Very practical experience sharing which was very useful.” – Low San San

“The workshop has been very fun and amusing. There was never a time I got bored.” – Lady Sulit

“Activities were good. The presentation materials were also very good and Dr Loh was able to make the workshop very interesting.” – John Paul Pangilinan

“Dr Loh’s training on public speaking was structured in an interactive manner. Participants were able to actively engage in practice sessions. Lots of useful, practical tips and ‘insider secrets’ were shared.” – Desmond Poon

“Very effective and useful training on presentation techniques such as do’s and don’ts, dealing with audience expectations, etc. Definitely worth investing a couple of days to participate in this course.” – Daniel Cheng

“Excellent workshop. Thank you!” – Yap Koon Teck

“Excellent! Mike was very energetic and able to get participants’ cooperation.” – Dennis Dabuet

“Training was so relaxed but full of information and practical skills on negotiations.” – Chit Furconcillo

“Very informative training on negotiations. I would highly recommend this workshop especially for those involved in pre-sales and marketing.” – Jon Olazo

“The training prepared me to handle and tackle public speaking fears and equipped me with many practical and useful public speaking hints and tips.” – Oh Kah Pin

“Dr Michael Loh is a very competent and professional trainer who can always engage the audience with his anecdotes, jokes, stories and very useful and practical tips. I really learned a lot from his training and sharing.” – Soon Hor Fam

“In my opinion, you and I go a pretty long way in our acquaintance…and if I may say, a lasting one for me.  I remember being your location manager when you first joined IBM. I am not sure what impressions you had of our interactions, but for me, truly, each encounter/meeting was handled with care and with much respect. I certainly felt inadequate and in-awe of your rich life and work experiences, and though you frequently speak in jest, the message is never trivial. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to the people that you interacted with, and touched.  I have certainly learnt a lot from you, by being your location manager (*I still find it hilarious*), by being your student, by being your captive audience and also just learning from you from a distance. I keep in my folder, names of colleagues that I have had the privilege of meeting and working with and whose friendship I treasure beyond the boundaries of work; to me, you are such a person.” – Chee Chi Hoon

“I enjoyed your training and your point of view and your ability to get us emotionally charged.” – Francis Fong

“I know Dr Loh as an extremely knowledgeable and engaging senior consulting professional as we’ve worked together on many IBM programs. He is highly proficient and possesses admirable and formidable skills in consulting and in the technology business. A very innovative individual indeed.” – Denny Jose

“It was an honor to have known you and worked with and alongside you.” – Jimmy Kwang

“It was a pleasure working with you on and off the learning sessions!” – John Fernando

“I’m sorry to hear that you are leaving IBM.  It has been a pleasure working with you – as I have told you many times. I wish you well in your new endeavors and hope that we can still keep in touch.” – Judy Mullins

“While you are bidding adieu to us, I wish you only the best in your future under taking.” – Jessie Looi

“I’m your biggest fan when it comes to public speaking.” – Cyril Quah

“It has been my pleasure to know you and to work with you. I can still remember when we first crossed path in your early days in IBM in Global Business Services (Business Innovation Services then). You are indeed a class of your own (I salute you) but you have always made it very comfortable for me to share with, and especially, to learn from you. I always feel inadequate as QA to review your work but you always make my job very easy – always welcoming feedback and sharing your experience in a way so easy for me to accept without any feeling of being not up to the mark. You are also very fun to work with. Nothing could not be solved with a good laugh. All the best in your next endeavor and may God continue to bless you.” – Chia Tet Soon

“Michael is exuberant, wittingly engaging and delightful when it comes to learning about people and culture and what is required to deal with them!” – Michael Kwong

“I’ve known Dr Loh for almost all of my working life. He was first my manager (for three separate jobs), then my professor when I did my MBA, and now as a friend and mentor. He was the first ‘Guru’ in Asia to preach the importance of Change Management and Business Process Reengineering way before it became fashionable in the business world. The impact of the implementations where he led corporate-wide initiatives is still talked about today as ‘the good old days.’ If you need someone who not only can think strategically at the C-Suite Level, but who also has extensive experience and is able to successfully implement effectively all the way down to the ground level; someone who has managed a company, a department, a project team or is an independent contributor; someone who is an eloquent speaker and a fantastic trainer, someone who is creative and very people-oriented, someone with a sterling reputation in his field, you will find this rare combination in Dr Loh.  I would, without reservation or hesitation, highly recommend Dr Loh.” – Avril Gan

“Dr Loh is one of the most intellectual persons I know. An extremely knowledgeable and engaging consultant and public speaker, Dr Loh never fails to capture his audiences’ attention 100 percent. A man of very opinionated views, one can be certain of the truth from Dr Loh in his no-holds-barred style.” – Charles Koh

“Dr Michael Loh has never failed us in providing an excellent level of professionalism in all his training and speaking engagements at our company. Mike is a very well sought after speaker and business consultant across the Asia Pacific region especially in the areas of Change Management and HR Transformation. An eloquent speaker with a deep knowledge as a subject matter expert, he is well known in the industry for being a very candid, humorous and pull-no-punches speaker and trainer. Feedback ratings have always being close to a perfect score after every session. I would strongly recommend Mike to anyone without hesitation.” – Colin Chong

“Dr Loh has this penchant to make tough technology simple to understand. Beyond that – make it enjoyable and thus easy for the mind to retain. This is definitely a rare capability, especially amongst technologists. Michael, as friends called him, is a pleasure to work with. He listens, analyses, and tries to solve problems in very creative ways. If all fails, which is seldom, he will reach out and try to find people who can help. I will endorse Michael in whatever endeavors he ventures into as I know he will do good.” – Daniel Ng

“Dr Michael is a wonderful individual. He has a very easy and teaming style of working. He is diligent, hardworking and possesses the highest professional skills in the consulting and technology fields. His strengths are going into details, innovation and completion of tasks.  – Maneesh Tripathi

“Dr Michael Loh is the best trainer I have met in IBM. He was great in teaching me how to influence people without resorting to coercion.” – Agung Pranindya

“I’ve just joined two days of soft skills training by Dr Loh last week and I am very much impressed by all about him. I’m really not surprised having heard how people in Vietnam who know him have praised him. I have learned much and experienced many many things during those two days. Thank you very much, Dr Loh” – Van Anh Trinh

“Dr Mike is not only a great consultant but a fantastic mentor. He was responsible for injecting fresh ideas for change which triggered the turnaround of Bank Dharmala using lessons learned from his lectures about re-engineering and strategy. Mike played a key role in his capacity as mentor in the successful transformation of Bank Dharmala from a fledgling retail bank into one of the most profitable successful corporate banks in Asia.” –  Jojoff Escobal

“Dr Michael Loh is one of our favorites who always comes up with great outcomes yet is very down to earth by giving real life examples to the audience.” – Andrew Soetanto

“Dr Michael Loh is a people-oriented professional, experienced in facilitating business discussions, brainstorming and creative thinking. He has a great personality and a friendly disposition.” – Choeng Weng Tang

“Thank you for being one of the nicest instructors I have ever worked with. Also one of the kindest persons I’ve ever met! Keep in touch! You’ll truly be missed.” – Sarah Ugot

“Dr Michael is a very well read and a fantastic communicator. He brings across learnings on complex issues in very innovative ways, engaging the audience very effectively all the time. When engaging with him, I am always amazed at his deep insights, knowledge and professionalism as well his great sense of humor and wit.”  – Cheng Sheng Chai

“Your mind will never wonder off when Mike is on stage addressing the audience or when you attend one of his training sessions. You will most certainly feel good and motivated at the end of the session. If you need someone to talk to, go see Mike. I am proud to have him as a friend.” – Tracy Chan

“Mike is already renowned for his fresh business and organizational insights. He is able to communicate his thoughts in a smooth, yet candid and down-to-earth, almost jovial style, which makes him a firm favorite for speaking engagements in the countries he visits. He engages effectively at all levels, on a wide range of topics, both within the domain of business and beyond. Whilst Mike is clearly capable of deep thought, I also enjoy his quick wit, laced with a liberal sense of humor, which becomes evident during hilarious bouts of barbed repartee. Despite being naturally opinionated, he still works very well in teams, understanding his role in the team and is constantly looking to contribute to the cause of the team.  As a colleague and friend, Mike has been all at once, amusing, challenging, enjoyable, frustrating, rewarding, always interesting, and best of all, I think, a pretty good human being.” – Lee Eng Thay

“I have known Mike for almost ten years. He has been consistent in his work and a great communicator. Mike has a wonderful sense of humor and calls it as he sees it. He is dependable and goes beyond his defined role to get the job done. It has always been a pleasure to work with Mike.” – Lim Ah Seng

“I had the pleasure to work with Mike in a few change management/re-organization consulting projects many years back. Mike was a wonderful professional who would always take care of and motivate his team members, especially in difficult situations. Mike had his own views on how an organization needs to manage change and was not hesitant to convey his views when it was required. It is always a pleasure to have Mike in the team!” – Liow Zen Pin

“I can say that among the many training sessions and workshop that I’ve ever participated in, the one conducted by Dr Michael Loh is one of the most attractive, motivational and fruitful sessions. Everyone can see that he is a very energetic facilitator. He has delivered various training and workshops with very creative and superb teaching style.  I am very satisfied with and excited by his teaching method and contents that come with mutual discussion, interesting games and interactive debates in relation to our day-to-day job activities.  With his great sense of humor, he can provide a very effective presentation and communication style to all participants. During one his workshops, I was lucky to get one of his books written by himself and it is a very interesting book indeed.  I have learned a lot from him. It is my pleasure to recommend Dr Michael Loh as one of the best facilitators and trainers.” – Willy Lourits

“I was very excited by the courses that he presented during several sessions. He could always trigger the conducive situation which inspired me to always improve my capability not only at my work but also in my personal life. He is very interesting person and I recommend him as one of the best consultants and advisors that I have ever met.” – Audy Fakhrinoor

“Dr Michael Loh and I were colleagues at Deloitte Consulting. I have always known Dr Loh to be an insightful strategic thinker who is a thought leader in his own right – one who is able to appreciate issues both from a high-level perspective as well as all the intricate details that are involved at the ‘sleeves rolled-up’ level. Dr Loh is an asset to any strategic, forward-looking organization.” – Ron Yeap

“Mike is always a pleasure to work with, talk to, or just to think about. A natural born people person, Mike has a great sense of humor and a warm heart, sometimes with a twist. I miss you Mike!” – Sang Y Rhee

“Mike has excellent vision and ability to drive the team to reach their intended destination. He is also a great motivator and coach that consistently balances between team targets and team needs.  I had worked with Mike while leading change, in merger transformations, corporate visioning assignments and at IBM’s Institute for Business Value. In the two years when we both did work for the Institute, he has consistently proved to be a great mentor and an excellent partner to spar ideas with. Most importantly, he has an uncanny ability to anticipate and highlight possible bottlenecks to what we were trying to achieve.  On a more personal note, he has time and again proven to be a great friend in need and shares excellent taste for tobacco and single malt. ^_^.  In summary, he is an invaluable asset to any organization or group that he participates in. Here’s to you Mike. Cheers.” – Alan Lee

“Dr Michael Loh was one of my favorite faculty members who taught me Organizational Behavior and Strategic Human Resource Management back in 1998 during my post-graduate MBA program in the University of Western Sydney. He is an authority in Organizational Development, specializing in Change Management. Under his teaching, I managed to do well in my studies and have become a successful business consultant specializing in Change Management. Dr Michael Loh possesses very strong and in-depth knowledge of his profession and is a well-known leader in his field. He has a great personality and had done many successful and wonderful work, business presentations and speeches for governments around the region and top MNCs. He is not only well-respected by his peers and business leaders but also by top government officials, judges and union leaders. Dr Michael Loh has written many articles which are published in popular papers and top business magazines. A number of his writings/books are used as important reference for undergraduates and postgraduates in universities around the region. Despite his heavy workload and tight schedules, Dr Michael Loh always have time for his students, friends and family and above all, for God. Besides being a great mentor to his students and some top CEOs, he also plays an active role in caring for the environment and takes part in social community work.” – Mike Giam

“Over 35 years in the financial services industry I have worked with and used hundreds of consultants. Mike Loh is one of the few consultants I have worked with who not only knows his stuff but is also a pleasure to work with. He is a true professional in everything that he does.”  – Bill Friend

“Dr Michael Loh can best be described as a Thought Leader. He is very widely read and you can always count on getting great ideas from him if you approach him with a problem. He is not afraid to challenge conventional beliefs and express his thoughts, even if they could be controversial at times.  He is also very good at putting his thoughts to paper and I always enjoy reading articles written by him. He is a very prolific writer who has authored many books and had his own personal website well before that idea became mainstream. Although Dr Michael Loh is a very intelligent and knowledgeable person, he is also a very humble man who is very approachable. I was very lucky to have him as a mentor when he led the ASEAN Organizational Change Management practice at IBM. I learned a lot from this man and I will always value our friendship.” – Christina McDonald

“I have had the pleasure to work with Mike at both IBM and Deloitte. I must say I’m impressed with his network in the industry. I’m truly delighted with Mike’s trade and passion in Change Management…I know another Mike Hammer and he is our Dr Mike Loh!!!” – Eric Loh

“I’m always excited when it comes to working with Dr Michael Loh. He is a type of a person who does very well at strategic and conceptual level but also manages to get everybody in the team to know how to put it all into practice. With a very great sense of humor, he leads the team to achieve results in an enjoyable working environment. His richness of experience will no doubt be precious assets as well being instrumental in delivering excellent results in a timely manner. It is a privilege to endorse Dr Michael Loh as I’m sure that he is indispensable for any organization.” – Salma Desenta

“I worked with Michael running an executive workshop for IBM and a key client to improve the health of a strained relationship – senior executives and cross-cultural – a very tough gig! Michael led the group facilitation and team building to great effect. The program and workshop were very successful, exceeding expectations – thanks Michael.” – Alan Williamson

“Dr Michael Loh is a wonderful individual. He has done a fabulous job in the cultural change management and foundational competency/HR learning facilitation for several outsourcing accounts in the region. I have personally listened to his sessions several times and I would say that there is not one single individual who is not satisfied with his programs. He has also delivered speeches on motivational and leadership subjects, which were well received by all layers of management team. He is very good with clients; striking good relationships and helping the team to build stronger relationships with our clients. He also conducts sales training for our sellers. It is indeed a privilege to have access to a person of Michael’s caliber. Glad he is part of our TEAM. Way to go, Dr Loh!” – Dhanasekhar Damodaram

“Dr Loh has great insights and can likewise deliver a very strong presentation or workshop.” – James Velasquez

“I’ve worked with Mike in the past when we were both in an international consulting outfit; Mike showed thought leadership in Organization Development and Change Management and demonstrated that through successful client projects, leading to financial savings and improving operational efficiency. A true consultant with an intellectual firepower that is well proven through his books and speeches.” – Pradip Pal

“Dr Michael has delivered various training with excellent teaching methods. He motivates participants to be active in the discussions and he gives very direct and straightforward recommendations that are feasible to implement. I recommend Dr Michael to your organization for training in the soft skills arena.” – Lina Lina

“I have known Michael for 18 years. In both professional and personal circumstances, he is one of the most reliable, sincere, honest, articulate and perceptive people I know. Michael invariably delivers on his promise, sometimes more, and cares about the people he works with.” – Bee Ong

“Michael is a true leader. He is charismatic, has a ‘can do’ attitude and is able to provide the leadership to the team that compels them to pull further and harder, thereby helping teams accomplish stretch goals. Michael is a true asset to any company fortunate enough to have him on their staff.” – Raj Seksaria

“I have known Mike for more than ten years. A humble man and a great mentor, he is one of the few level-five leaders that can transform the team by his charisma and integrity.” – Robert Tan

“Michael is an excellent facilitator in leading workshops and is an extremely seasoned consultant, especially in the HR and Change space.” – Lim Teck Chang

“I knew Dr Michael Loh who was then working in Deloitte Consulting’s Change Management practice. He was a respected cheerful leader well-liked by his consultants and always availing his time, advice and guidance despite his busy schedule.” – Lawrence Yeo

“Mike is a legendary, true thought leader and people leader! He is certainly gifted in both prophesying market trends and putting the puzzles working together towards the tipping point. A humble man and a great mentor.” – Rachel Ooi

“Dr Michael is a very energetic trainer and presenter. He engages his participants in lively games and debates. Participants gain a lot from his seminars.” – Tan Seng Chong

“Dr Michael is widely read and carefully analytical and a creative thinker who is very effective as a communicator. This is a rare combination of skills in our industry and Dr Michael puts them to very effective use in large and small groups. There is no person that I would rather work with when seeking to create momentum for change.” – Itty Varugis

“I have known Dr Mike Loh since 1997. I have worked with Mike on international consulting engagements while at Deloitte Consulting. Mike is a complete professional and a competent management consultant with a high degree of intellectual capital. He is an expert in his field of Organization Development and Change Management. He can interact with people at all levels in the client organization from the Chief Executive to the staff on the floor. He has a pleasant and easy going personality with a great sense of humor and humility. I have no hesitation in recommending Mike – he will be an asset to any organization that utilizes his skills and experience.” – Raghavan Vinjimoore

“I worked very closely with Mike on the Singapore Airlines global IT outsourcing deal. Mike impressed me with his integrity, intelligence, vast experience and his natural affinity for people. We had a challenging people program and without Mike’s visible leadership, and willingness to pitch in and help, we would not have succeeded. Mike is very good at what he does which is to help people and organizations change and improve.” – Ian Baxter

“Mike has been a great friend and mentor in my ventures into management consultancy. He motivated and guided me to complete my MBA and has been very quick to assist whenever I needed assistance. Even though we have not physically met up for the past eight years, we continue to collaborate on various projects and I admire his creative thinking and enjoy reading his works.” – Dr Vaikunthan Rajaratnam